I am a philosopher with a particular interest in political ideas – their understanding and their history.

I am the author of the following books:

Anti-libertarianism: Markets, Philosophy and Myth (Routledge 1994)

Free Speech (Routledge 1998)

Understanding the Political Philosophers: From Ancient to Modern Times. (Routledge 2004: second edition 2012)

Free Speech: All that Matters (Hodder and Stoughton 2015)

Totalitarianism and Philosophy (Routledge 2020)

For a description of their content, go to the ‘Books’ page of this website. For a full list of my publications, guest lectures, etc., go to the ‘CV’ page.  On that page, you will also find an account of my education and subsequent career.

At present, I am working on a study of political philosophy since 1945. It will be a sequel to Understanding the Political Philosophers.